• 2017 Kocaeli University Examination for Foreign Students (KOUYOS)

    2017 Kocaeli University Examination for Foreign Students (KOUYOS) will be held on May, 6th 2017.
    Application for KOUYOS will be accepted during 10 January and 10 March 2017 online via our website.
    For more information regarding the exam and our university please direct your inquiries to yos@kocaeli.edu.tr.

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Kocaeli University Entrance Examination for Foreign Students (KOUYÖS) is an exam that is used to determine the foreign students who will study in the faculties, graduate schools and vocational schools in Kocaeli University and other universities which approve and accept this examination.


The exam has two parts that measure ‘Basic Learning Skills’. The first part is composed of questions that measure Abstract Thinking, Reasoning and Analytical Thinking. The second part includes questions that measure Numeric Skills like Mathematics and Geometry.


Kocaeli University Entrance Examination for Foreign Student is held once a year on a date announced on the academic calendar and carried out by the KOUYÖS Examination Board, constituted by the Rectorate.


The validity of the exam results is two years.


All actions about the exam are performed by Kocaeli University Measurement and Evaluation Research and Application Center.


Providing that applicants are either in their last year of study in or have graduated from any institution of secondary education;
The applications of the following candidates are accepted:

  1. 1. Foreign nationals,
  2. 2. Those who are Turkish citizens by birth but have obtained permission from the Ministry of Interior for the renunciation of Turkish citizenship and their children of full legal age who are listed in the citizenship renunciation certificate and document their certification (Those who wish to apply for international student quotas are advised to check their rights defined in Turkish Citizenship Law No: 5901. Article 7 of this law bears the provision: “(1) Whether born in or outside Turkey, a child is a Turkish citizen if either the mother or the father is a Turkish citizen.”),
  3. 3. Those who are foreign nationals by birth but have obtained a TR citizenship / are in this status but a have dual citizenship,
  4. 4. Those who are Turkish citizens by birth and have completed all of their secondary education in another country, excluding TRNC, (those who have completed all of their secondary education in a Turkish school in another country, excluding TRNC, may apply)
  5. 5. Those who have a TRNC citizenship, reside in TRNC, have completed their secondary education in TRNC and hold GCE AL exam scores, and those registered and educated in high schools in other countries between 2005 and 2010 and hold, or are to hold, GCE AL exam scores.


2017 KOUYOS will be administered in the following countries and cities:

  • Germany – Berlin
  • Germany – Cologne
  • Albania – Tirana
  • Austria – Vienna
  • Azerbaijan – Baki
  • Belgium – Brussels
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina– Sarajevo
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina– Mostar
  • Bulgaristan- Plovdiv
  • Bulgaristan- Varna
  • Bulgaristan- Smolyan
  • France – Paris
  • Holland – Amsterdam
  • England - London
  • Japan - Tokyo
  • Kazakhistan - Astana
  • TRNC- Nicosia
  • Kosova - Pristina
  • Macedonia – Skopje
  • Jordan - Amman
  • Romania - Bucharest
  • Turkey - Kocaeli


Quotas for 2017 will be announced following the approval from Turkish Higher Education Center. To check the quotas for 2016 please click here.


KOUYOS 2017 Exam Guideline will be announced in January. To check our Exam Guideline for 2016 please click here.



Will be updated.

What is the medium of instruction at your university?
The medium of instruction at Kocaeli University is Turkish.
What is the expected period of study at your university?
Associate degree programs - 2 years
Undergraduate programs – 4 years
Medical Faculty – 6 years
Dentistry Faculty – 5 years
Graduate programs (M.A) – 2 years
Graduate programs (Ph.D) – 2 years
What is the maximum allowed period of study?
Associate degree programs – 4 years
Undergraduate programs – 7 years
Medical Faculty – 9 years
Dentistry Faculty – 8 years
Graduate programs (M.A) – 4 years
Graduate programs (Ph.D) – 6 years
What is the tuition fee for foreign students?
Tuition fees are announced in our web page.
How can I pay my tuition fee?
Newly admitted students can pay with a temporary number that will be given to them and previously registered students can pay with their YU number to one of the allocated banks.
Will you admit students only with a high school diploma?
We do not admit applications only with a diploma.
Can I apply with the results taken from other universities’ YÖS exam?
You cannot apply with other universities’ results. We only accept KOUYÖS.
Which Turkish proficiency results are accepted?
The proficiency results taken from the universities in Turkey and Yunus Emre Institute are accepted. The results taken from private courses are not allowed.
What is the required proficiency level of Turkish?

Eligible levels are B2-C1-C2

Students having B2 level are required to reach at least C1 level until graduation.

When should I last submit my proficiency result?

If you are a newly registered student, you can submit the result until the Kocaeli University Turkish Proficiency Exam date. If you do not submit, you will be allowed 1+1 year (If you cannot reach the minimum required level of Turkish at the end of the first year, you will be given one more year. However, the additional time will be counted within the study period at Kocaeli University.) You are required to reach B2 level of Turkish at the end of this period.

If you are a previously registered student, you can submit the result until the last week of October.

What happens if I miss the deadline for registration?
You will lose your right to register here.
Where could I get my Equivalency Certificate?

Equivalency procedure is carried out by Provincial Directorate for National Education within the country and by Educational Consultancies and Education Attachés abroad. You can apply to these institutions for the equivalency certificate.

For the equivalency, original copies of record card, transcript, and certificate of education, certificate, interim certificate and diploma taken from primary and secondary education institutions abroad are needed. However, if these documents get lost, you need to provide certified copies of these from the directorate of your schools abroad.

Should I get all my application documents apostilled?
Yes, you need to get all the documents apostilled.
When could I get my student identification card?
You can get it approximately 1 month after your registration from the Registrar’s Office.
What can I do with my ID card?

You can use it

  • To enter the university campus

  • To eat at the cafeteria

  • To make use of the library

  • To use the means of transportation.


What should I do if I lose my ID card?
After you have it announced in a local or international newspaper, you need to apply to the ID printing Bureau with the newspaper report.
When could I get the student certificate?
You can get it the day after your registration from the Registrar’s Office.
What is the foreign citizenship number, where can we get it from?

An ID number is given to the foreign nationals who will stay in Turkey more than 90 days. After the application to the Ministry Of Interior Directorate General Of Migration Management, you can get your residence permit within 90 days.

How could I apply to dining scholarship?

You can apply for dining scholarship by filling in the application form that is distributed by the faculties on the allocated dates. The eligible students are announced on the faculty announcement boards.

Can international students participate in exchange programs?
International students can benefit from exchange programs such as Mevlana, ERASMUS, Farabi.
 I want to disengage from your university. What should I do?
After you fill out and get the discharge Certificate and discharge application signed which are at the department of students affairs, by delivering them to your department head you can get your personal documents.
I want to freeze my registration at your university. What should I do?
Before the start of the education term, students may request to freeze registration due to health, military service, financial, personal or academic reasons, family circumstances, education abroad or unexpected and unavoidable circumstances provided that the necessary documentation is produced.
What is the latest date for insurance transactions?
From your first registration date, you must take out travel insurance in three months at the latest. If you do not apply in three months, you have no opportunity to apply for it throughout your university years. But you can have Private insurance.
What are the accommodation facilities in Kocaeli?
You can benefit from the opportunities of general directorate of higher education credit and hostels institution, university dormitories and Private dormitories.
Can I study two undergraduate programs at the same time?
You cannot study two undergraduate programs at the same time. If you want, you can study at an associate degree program and an undergraduate program at once.
When is the punishment due to disciplinary action deleted from my registry?
Punishments because of disciplinary action are not removed from your registry.
How can I change my department?
It is necessary for you to apply for International Student quotas again. If you have a right for registration, you have to disenroll from your department and enroll in a department which you choose.
What is the situation for the students who do not reregister?
If you do not r-register, you cannot benefit from students facilities. Information of students who do not reregister is reported to the relevant institutions such as Turkish National Police, Presidency for Turks Abroad and Relative Communities.


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